Friday, January 11, 2013

hello from Uganda....

It's Friday evening and I am sitting on another blue couch.  This one, however, is thousands of miles away from the one that I sat on just one week ago.  It's about 9:15 PM and this day is quickly coming to an end.  This week is quickly coming to an end.  I cannot believe that it has been one week since I boarded a plane and left the United States for Uganda.  Instead of a crackling fire, I am listening to the various bugs chirping outside.  The cat just brought in a mouse and it was still very much alive.  It was more alive than dead and so instead of having to worry about killing it all the way, the little critter got a pass and was put back outside to live.  ( c :  Instead of the white snow there is plenty of green.  All five pieces of luggage arrived safely… though I must say that there does appear to be a couple of things missing.  Arriving late in the evening on Sunday night, I was immediately greeted by the warm, African air and a man holding a machine gun watching us all as we walked off the plane and towards the airport.   And I can honestly say, I didn't feel nervous.  I took several deep breaths and smiled an internal smile.  I was on African soil.  ( c :  After nearly 3 hours of travel, we arrived at New Hope.  Along the way, I saw the contrast between absolute beauty and poverty.  Eesh, I am so blessed!a few snapshots of the current chapter of my journey...
some of the view at New Hope

Banana tree right inside of my house

the little goats that lives steps away from the porch

Where I live for this season

Minutes after arriving to New Hope, I went down to the institute which I will be attending for the next 5 months.  Classes are five days a week from morning till lunchtime.  The focus is to learn more about God being our father and sharing that with children who do not have a present earthly father.  There are men and women from Uganda, Zambia, Congo, and the United States.  From what I hear, it is an absolutely amazing experience and challenging all at the same time.  I know that I will be stretched, but am confident that God will bring me through it a different person that I am this very moment.  Over the last several days, I have had the honor of hearing the life stories of individuals who have journeyed through paths of immense pain and sorrow and now share with a peace  and a genuine heart depth smile that only comes from Jesus.  Truly.  Their stories of His redemption are proof enough.  For my Blackhawk friends, there is a young woman from the Congo.  We were talking about the significant pain that women in the Congo are experiencing and I shared with her about the group of women coming together regularly to pray for them.  Her face LIT up.  She was encouraged greatly.  

As of right now, the plan is for me to participate in the institute fully over the next month and then begin the transition to working in the clinic in the afternoon.  Not sure what that will look like exactly, but know that it will become clear in His timing.  From what I know, within the next week, I will be matched up with a family group.  This family unit will be the group that I will come to know closely over the course of my time at New Hope.  When a child comes to New Hope, they are placed into a family group.  These children stay with their family group and experience life in a stable family setting.  Various Ugandan couples and individuals have stepped into the role as parents to these children.  I am excited for the opportunity of just being able to be actively present in the lives of these children.  I'll definitely keep you posted and introduce them to you as I meet them and get to know them.  

And so I bring this first blog entry from Uganda to a close.  I want to thank each and everyone of you who have joined me on this journey.  Your words of encouragement and support have been an absolutely amazing gift to me.  I cannot wait to share more as the pages of this journey are turned.  It has been a mixture of emotions... an ever budding excitement and missing loved ones back home.  God has truly met me and I have sensed the prayers of so many.  For real and for sure.  I am excited for the kids to come back from their break (kids who can go home to family members or friends do so at Christmastime) and to love on them as He leads and prompts.  I cannot wait to introduce them to you.... 

Lots of love... 


  1. Hey sweet girl!!! I am excited to follow your journey!!! Great post! Love ya!

  2. God is so good! I am also so excited to follow you on your journey! XO XO

  3. I'm so excited to read about your experience Kimmy! I know how you are such a blessing in my boys lives, so I know that these children are in amazing hands!