Friday, November 20, 2015

Tidbits in a week.

It's Friday evening... I've just put some  brownies in the oven and am chilling as they bake.  I think that most of the pressing things from the week have been taken care of and so I'm exhaling.... and resting... and taking a moment to write you all.  A little while ago, as I was preparing the brownie batter, a bird made himself into the house and was frantically trying to get through the screened windows.  No luck.  Which I presume is a good thing.  Tells me the screens are sturdy.  Armed with a pillow, I opened the door and directed the bird outside.   And out it flew.  Yes!  I wasn't up for being pecked by a frustrated bird.  

It's been a full week.  And I thought I would share with you a bit about it.  On Sunday, I celebrated another year of life.  And celebration was what happened.  It started with a breakfast with friends and ended with a FaceTime chat with family.  Everything in between was rich and full.  There were words of sweetness given to me by countless friends and family.  Food for the soul.  Gifts that sank deep.   There were opportunities to cuddle kiddos, sit and chat with friends, and embrace the rest of a Sunday.  During church, a kid needed to go to the hospital.  My flip-flop broke.  Grabbing a pair of slippers from the car... I took that child to the hospital in my fuzzy slippers.  It made me smile.  A little extra fun spice to the day. 

Monday followed.  There were staff evaluations to complete, requisition and accountability forms to work on, and a variety of odds and ends.  A usual day off, I decided to rotate my day off.  There were too many pressing things.  Besides the other mentioned things do, there was tea to drink, emails to write, and Christmas cards to work on.  One of our missionaries flew out yesterday and I wanted to get as many of my Christmas cards on a jet plane with her.  And so, I did a lot of writing.  It was stretching for my right hand, but so good for my heart. I wish I could blur the picture a bit.... so that it will be a surprise for you all when they come to your mailboxes.  So thankful for you all!

Tuesday.  I was expecting to have a normal day at the clinic.  But, on Monday, I received word that little Opeson Luke was ready to go home.  This is the little guy who had deformed legs.  He has casts on both legs all the way up to his upper thighs.  He is a pretty active little guy and well, I have a feeling that the next 6 plus weeks will be an adventure for him.  A time for patience to be grown in a little guy who probably doesn't fully realize he isn't.   Momma seemed very ready to go home.  She did a great job loving on her little man.  They will be back down to the hospital in about three weeks time.  

Now, there NEVER seems to be a dull moment in my life.  And my return home on Wednesday proved that.  I had initially thought about driving to and from the hospital alone, but had decided to have Mr. Ssetuba drive me. Mr. Ssetuba has driven my friends and I on and off since I arrived into Uganda.  He's like a dad.  Patient. Knowledgeable.  Attentive.  As we were approaching one of the villages, we could palpate the tension.  And then in the corner of my eye, I saw smoke going up in the sky.  A gun had been shot upward. A few seconds later, a police man running away from the center.  And before we realized it, the police stopped our vehicle.  A man jumped in the front and a cop in the backseat near me.  There was a mob forming and the mob was after the man who had jumped into the passenger seat.  We were off to the police station.  All safe and NO worries.  K, maybe some slight worry.  But SAFE nonetheless.  

Wednesday. Another day of odds and ends.   It was buzzing from here and there much of the morning.  But, in the afternoon... it was time for some rest.  I had switched my day off to Wednesday. I spent much of the afternoon chilling AND writing Christmas Cards.  

A smile on my face.  It was a day to be in the clinic.  The priority the whole day was to take care oft those who walked through the door needing help.  In a week of such variety, it was nice to pull stethoscope to ear and to listen not only to the hearts and lungs of many... but to also listen and be with those who came for care.  Life Giving for sure.   As the doors to the clinic closed for the day, my friend Anna got in the car with me.  Off to my house for a time to connect.  To share.  To laugh.  And to be.  She drank a coke . I ate some eggs and toast.  A very late lunch.  Or a very early dinner.  It is all in perspective.  Either way.  Good times with a Good friend.  

Friday.  That's today.  I'm living in it right now.  Most people who read this are somewhere in their Friday.  A few are into Saturday (UAE, Thailand, Taiwan... to name a few... or for accuracy... to name several), but for MOST Friday remains strong.  Today was strong.  It was full.  It was good.  And I have a feeling it will be strong for a few more hours.  Even as I type this, there are four young ladies who have come over for a sleepover.  We made an agreement a little while ago that its' a no pranks kind of night.  They agreed.  I hope I agree.  ( :  Chandiru came to visit today.  A young lady changed by a huge surgery.  She can now open and closer her mouth.  She can eat with a spoon.  And her breathing is much more comfortable at night.  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.  There is one side that is struggling to open as much as it did following surgery.  She will go back for an early review on Monday.  But, for today, we celebrate what God has done.  And we embrace her smile.  For her, this Friday is a day of joy and hope and peace as she rests in knowing what her God did.  

Chandiru, you are loved.

And today as we celebrated Chandiru, my co-worker and I also celebrated watching God do amazing things.  Sweet little Colton was diagnosed with retinoblastoma last week.  Today, when Bridget talked with the doctor on the phone, we found out that this momma can get care for her child for pretty much free.  All his medical care is covered.  The only expense is transportation to/from the hospital and costs for incidentals at the hospital (food, hot water, etc).  A huge burden off of a mother who loves her little boy.  Today is Friday, but may we keep lifting him up to Jesus.  

Tomorrow is Saturday.  I have no idea what will happen tomorrow.  But, as of right now, I am slated to be in the clinic in the morning.  Then in the afternoon, I am slated to go and have lunch with a friend in the nearby village.  And then.... tomorrow afternoon.  I'm hoping to sit down on the brown couch and write some emails, Facebook messages, and be.  

Much love to you ALL.  Just thought I would take you through my week.  A glimpse into life here.  

By His grace, 


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

And sweet Chandiru just went into the theatre!
Thank you for praying with and for her.
I'll keep you posted as I know.  Surgery is slated to last about 6 hours!

By His Grace,


Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Testing 1 2 3.

Hello, this is Kimberly signing in.

Calling out quietly from a computer thousands of miles away from the many whose eyes will find this screen.

Technology and I have a strong love-hate relationship.... but one thing I absolutely appreciate about it.... is that it has the potential of keeping people connected.

And for that, I am thankful.

I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone.  I have seen the dust collecting on this blog site and yet, have failed to do much more than push the dust aside.

Right now, I'm bringing the big guns out.  No wimpy dust rag... I'm bringing out the Pledge.

Well, the pledge equivalent in the writing world.

I'm Cracking my knuckles (k, not really) and bringing my fingers to the keyboard.

No slow music tonight.... It's all rap in the typing world.

There is LOTS to catch you all up.

Thank you for your grace in my quietness.

It's a delightful evening.  The temperature is still a pleasant 21 degrees Celsius (just shy of 70 F) and there is a near constant hum of insects.  There is a dash of a breeze.  Just enough to let you know the temperatures are descending.... but not enough yet to warrant a sweater.

Maybe a cuppa of tea will be nice.... but for now,  I'm staying focused.

I'm finally exhaling from a day that puts all into perspective.

And inhaling as I prepare to go forward.

And there is a whole lot of neatness going forward.

And while I could share a million different things.

Today, I want to introduce you to Chandiru.

Just a few hours ago, Chandiru finished her P7 exams.  P7 exams are a BIG deal.  
They are tests that give direction academically going forward.  
They are not tests that you just sorta study for.  
These are tests that you spend a lot of time preparing for.  
And in the preparation, you trust.... you pray... you even sometimes worry.... that

And today, she finished them.   
With barely a minute to spare.  
As soon as she was finished with these tests, she began her journey South.  
A journey towards Entebbe to a small hospital called CorSu.  

And there, tucked somewhere in that hospital.... is a surgeon who will help reconstruct Chandiru's jaw.  A surgery that will have not only a huge impact on Chandiru physically.... but undoubtably will have a massive impact on her heart.  

 And yes, I did just say that a surgeon is tucked somewhere in that hospital.  

Mmm.... Not so much.  

He is a surgeon who has come from far away.  And in His willingness/ability to come.... God is using him to do something huge for a young lady who is bursting to emerge.  Bursting to emerge from underneath the weight of a physical deformity.  

Will you stand with her?  Will you pray for her and with her?  

I just know that your prayers will make a difference.  

I know because I've seen God respond to your prayers.  

He's got His Chandiru.... and He's holding her close.  

Thank you.  

And so these cracked knuckles are winding down.  I guess there wasn't too much RAP writing going on.... but at least my fingers have loosened up a bit.  

I have more to say.... and say I will.  

I'll keep you all posted on this young lady.  She will meet with the surgeon tomorrow and all the final details will be ironed out.  

Surgery will most likely be this week. 

Kimberly.... signing out.