Sunday, February 24, 2013

Good Day Everyone.  It's Friday evening and I am relaxing on a l-o-n-g blue couch with a cap sleeping at my feet. There is an ever so faint breeze coming in through the windows.  The bugs are chirping away and I can hear the occasional person walk by.  Someone gave me a packet of Oreo's and I have to confess that I just consumed a grand total of SIX OREO's in the last couple of hours. They were yummy and even though I felt some need to confess I can't say that I feel too guilty. They were yummy.  It's been a full week.  Prior to that, I was down with malaria. So thankful to be feeling better.  It is definitely something that knocks you on your socks... or whereever one gets knocked onto.  ( c :

I am going to go ahead and post some pictures from our maize harvest from last week.  The whole ministry helps with harvesting the maize (corn).   Each husk is picked, stripped, and gathered all by hand.  The profit from the maize here at the ministry goes right back into the ministry.  It was a morning full of hard work, sweet conversations, LOTS of ants crawling all over, and the gift of just laughing and connecting with others.

Just chilling before the big harvest

The best combine ever!

Journeying through the banana trees to get to the field. 

Hard at work
Each husk removed by hand

The detail of Our God

Momma Emaculate.... the Harvesting QUEEN!

Just chilling at the end of a hard morning's work.  We had So MUCH fun! 


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