Monday, April 29, 2013

Give a child a camera...

Give a child a camera and you will more than surely see life from their eyes... literally.  And that's exactly what happened when I let Lawrence use my camera.  Lawrence lives in the Worcester Family.  The family group that I am coming to love more and more.  Lawrence is a young boy hungry for love.  He is quiet with a very sweet disposition.
Slashing the compound.
The most common way to cut grass is to slash it.
 It takes muscles and time.  
Kasava is a common food here.  The roots of the Kasava
tree are dug up and then prepared.  

Working hard with Harriet. It's early Saturday morning and
we are preparing the food for dinner that night.   
Peeling the Kasava Roots.  The root is then cooked and eaten.  

It's a long process and a little dirty.... but the end product is worth it.  

Edmund is on washing duty.  Handling it like a champ! 
Dishes drying in the sun.  The yellow container is called a jerry can.  This is one of the main
containers for collecting and storing water.  Children travel far to water pumps where they gather the water
and bring it back home.  It's a HARD job.  Thankfully, the water pump here at New Hope is not too far.  It is about a five minute walk.  A little longer when you have a FULL jerry can of water.  

This blue container is water is stored.  As the children bring the filled Jerry can's of water,
they dump them in the blue container.  Rain is also collected through the gutter and saved in this blue
container.  This water is NOT safe for drinking, but is used for washing and cooking.  

one of the Bandas (huts).  Anywhere from 3-4 children live in each one.  

dishes drying

Little Dan.  

Check out the clouds.  Seriously, the clouds here are absolutely amazing.

Breakfast.  porridge is a staple breakfast here.  

Little Derek... turning a tree into maybe a horse?  or a car?

The sky.... 

Thanks Lawrence for taking us all on a tour of your family.  So thankful to be part of it! ( c :

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