Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the Greatness of our God.

Little Shakira was really tired this morning and it was evident that her breathing was more labored than it should have been.  After listening to her lungs, it was decided that she should go to the hospital for further evaluation.  Her little lungs were "wet" (full of fluid).  She was brave for the needle stick and sat patiently as the doctor listened to her lungs and heart.  She perked up at the end and started dancing to some music she heard.  It was hard for my heart today to see this little girl struggling.  I don't know what her prognosis is.  This little girl with absolute spunk and enthusiasm for life is really sick.  My heart was feeling the pang of it today and yet, I am absolutely choosing to put my feet firmly in the ground.  My Jesus knows exactly what He is doing with this young girl and whether or not her days are limited here on earth... has no bearing on the greatness of our God.  Holding on to that tonight as I process the day.  What a stretching day it was.... so thankful to have been able to be present with her today... and to just love on this sweet girl!

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