Friday, November 29, 2013

a mixture of emotions

I am struggling with words today and while everything in me wants to share more... to bring to the surface the many different emotions that are still moving within my heart, I realize that they aren't quite ripe.  Yesterday was a day full of emotions.  A day of Thanksgiving and a day of Resting in the fact that God is good even when things are just hard.   I knew I was heading into Kampala to see sweet Shakira who was fresh out of surgery and still in the ICU.  I didn't know what other things God had planned for the day.  None of us do.  It's something I am being reminded of all the time.  I might have my plans... but way more often, He has other plans.  And so after picking up my Uganda Drivers license and doing a little shopping for my family group, my friend and I headed to Mulago Hospital.  

A place that I have become very familiar with in the last several months.  Tucked back down a hallway in the ICU we found.... 

a very sleepy little girl.  

and an excellent nurse who was
appropriately insistent that Shakira do some coughing.    
After coughing for the nurse, it was time to rest.  Her momma was right at her side.  
And while Shakira slept away, I decided to assess her heart myself.  ( c :  

And I was just visiting.  A. Deborah, coworker and friend, has been with this
family all week long! Thank you Auntie Deborah! Your presence has been a gift!
Shakirah's little sister hanging at the hospital.

And with a Thanksgiving dinner to get back to it, we said our goodbyes quicker than we wanted to and hopped back in the van.  We had one more official stop before heading back home.  About a month ago, I shared with you on the blog about a young girl named Gina. She had arrived at the clinic very ill with sickle cell complications and a low blood count.  And indeed when we saw her, we knew she was very, very ill. We sat with young Gina and her momma and spent time talking and praying.  Young Gina gave her heart to Jesus and her life was forever changed.  Since meeting her at our clinic, little Gina has been in the hospital.  First, at the hospital here in Kiwoko and then she we brought her to Mulago.  Since then, her condition has only deteriorated and it is clear that her time on this earth is limited.  In addition to the sickle cell, her body is fighting suspected metastatic cancer.  The doctor lifted up a chest x-ray and a tumor was clearly seen.  Leaning close to Gina's face, I greeted her. Her eyes struggled to focus and as they tried, I asked her how she was.  She told me she was fine.  Her small body working hard to breath. I held her head and I prayed over her.  I could feel my own heart muscles feeling the pang of stretches far beyond comfort.  I was looking at the precious face of a girl just six years old with her baby teeth still in place barely able to speak.  I told her in my not so smooth Uganda that God was with her and she lifted her eyebrows indicating an agreeance with my statement.  And He is.  He is JUST as actively present with her as He is with little Shakira waking up from a life-saving open heart surgery.  And so with emotions still trying to find words, I rest in knowing that my God is good.  And so the plan is for little Ruth to be taken from Mulago on Sunday and to be brought back to her home in Kiwoko.  There she will be made comfortable and to be surrounded by those who have come to love her.  And I rest because she is not alone.  Her Daddy is with her preparing to bring her Home.  


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