Thursday, January 30, 2014


Writing a post starts nearly the same way each and every time.  After blocking out a period of time, I find myself typing a few sentences and deleting them just as quickly as they make their appearance on the screen.  And as I type, I wait for the right sentence to make it's way out of me and onto the screen.  And when it does, I know that the other sentences will flow.   It can be hard to put into words a life that is so rich, so full, and so increasingly normal.  Yes, so increasingly normal.  And that is probably one thing that has stood out to me since I returned back here from the States.  I have been asked from multiple people... "how is it being back?"  I find myself pausing.... my initial response is that it has been so good.  The pause?  Some self-imposed belief that it should be more challenging... should be more difficult and yet, praise Jesus, it has been good! And for that I am thankful!   

Currently it's Thursday afternoon.  Up until a few minutes ago, I had a fan blowing almost directly on me... and then without any warning... the fan sputtered to a stop.  The power is out.  It's been on and off much of this week.   With the fan no longer blowing warm air on me, I am quickly feeling the heat of the day.  We are in the middle of our dry season and well, it's hot.  I would capitalize the word hot... but something in me is worried that would be asking for some of you to jump through the screen.  I realize that for many of you.... hotness is not a known word right now.   But in my neck of the woods... hotness is so part of the day.  Clothes washed and hung out to dry are ready to be taken off in just a short while.  Dirt carries no moisture and flies around with any significant movement.  Trees and bushes along the road are covered in a sheet of dust.  If you happen to be on the back of a boca boda when a vehicle drives by, you best close or avert your eyes.  The dust is sure to sting.  And as you close or avert your eyes, you hope the man driving the motorcycle has enough stamina and wisdom to keep his eyes open.  Cistern levels are decreasing and the anticipation of rain is increasing.   When it comes, it will be gladly received.  Very gladly received.  
A gust of wind and things go flying... 
clothes drying.... 

The sun shining brightly... 

One of the sweetest gifts of being back is reconnecting with many people here who have become such dear friends to me and jumping back into life.  

Baby Frank
In late December, U. Ronald and A. Rebecca said good-bye to their sweet 9 1/2 month old baby boy, Frank.  oh Frankie! He was such a sweet boy.... and I am thankful for the time God allowed me to know him.  For now, it is a journey of faith with U. Ronald and A. Rebecca. Time to process, to remember, and to stand in trust of our God.  Our God who has good for us... even in the hard... the HARD with capital letters.  Will you continue to lift them up in prayer?   

There has been time to just connect with my kids at the Worcester family.  Most of them returned home from their time with family this week.  It's been neat sitting and hearing about their time... eating Jack Fruit together... and just being.  School starts for them this coming week.  

The clinic---- it has been good to be back.... so good! And it has been so good to be back with my coworkers.  This past was my first weekend on call and it was anything short of busy! There were several urgent trips to the hospital... one of those involved me driving full speed, nailing the horn with an unresponsive little baby in the van.  He spiked a fever and went into convulsions.  After being worked on for a bit, he perked up quick and is doing much better.  

One of the things that God has been working with me closely on is the importance of spending time with Him first thing in the morning.  This has been a struggle for me.  To be honest, the pull of the needs and the distractions of the day  are often easy deterrents for me.  I struggle with turning to these things with the expectation or hope of spending time with Him after I do ____ or "once I get to the clinic" and too often, I miss out on quality time with my Jesus.  Before I came back, I spent some time praying with some dear friends and the thing that God challenged me on was to spend time at His feet....instead of jumping and getting lost in tasks...even getting pulled into things that are good.  It was a challenge that resonated deeply within me.  Upon returning to New Hope, we had a week of spiritual development... an opportunity to come together.... and to grow and worship together.  A pastor from Canada came and he shared a lot of good stuff.  He said three words that stuck with me..... a reminder, I believe, from God.  Be. Do. Be.  Three simple words that have sunk deep into my soul.  To be with my God... to do as He leads... and to BE once again in HIS presence.   And my prayer is that even in the doing, I would continue to be in a state of "being" with Him. And so as I embrace this year at New Hope.... I embrace all that He has planned for me.  And I embrace the commitment to make sure that I am spending plenty of time at HIS feet... first thing in the morning.  And as I rest at HIS feet, I trust that He will lead me and guide me.   Guide me through all that He has planned... whether it is bandaging a small wound at the clinic, speeding in a vehicle to the hospital, or listening to whoever is in front of me..... I am choosing to rest in HIS guiding and leading.  

And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.  Isaiah 58:11

 Thank you for being part of this journey.... 

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