Monday, July 7, 2014

The story continues... with an unexpected turn.

Hello! It's about 20 minutes shy of 10 PM and I wanted to share a bit about today.  

Really, when it comes down to it... today was An amazing day... amidst all the tension in Nairobi today we got some pretty amazing news for A. Ketty.  The very short stick of the story is that Ketty's tumor/mass has reduced by 50%.  Yep, 50% since she began treatment.  The news we received today had a very different tune than the news we had received on Thursday.  VERY different... and VERY warmly RECEIVED.  

pretty amazing actually.  Her plan has changed a bit.... instead of going back to Kampala at the end of this week, she is slated to be here for a minimum of 2 more weeks.  During that time, she will be given radiation treatments five times a week along with weekly chemotherapy.  Once this phase is done, she is slated to receive combo-chemo.  

It's pretty exciting... pretty amazing... and we are just celebrating! 

Thank you Jesus for your presence.... you were very much present with us Thursday as we digested hard news and was also very much present today as we received some pretty amazing news.  Thank you. 

I am sure there will be more later.... but for tonight... I wanted to share the amazing news with you all.  

For now, we keep walking in faith.  The story is NOT finished.  That is for sure.  How it ends, we do not know... but what we do know.... is that we do not walk alone.  And for that I am thankful.  And so we keep walking.... 

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