Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hair-doing, pythons, and God's provision....

It's somewhat early on a Thursday morning... early for it being a day off.  And yet, I am pretty wide awake.  It has been a long time since I have brought personal words to the keyboard and for that I apologize.  SO much has happened.  Just as I know so much as happened in the world and undoubtably for each set of eyes that come across this page.  It's been a mixture of goodness, hardness, and growthness... if that ever were a word.  Things seem to be shaking in this world.  So much to trust our God with.  Speaking of shaking... I was convinced that I had slept through an earthquake yesterday morning.  Now before you score me a drama point, let me explain.  I unlocked the main door just fine... no hint of a problem. My goal was to grab the clothes off the line before I headed to Kampala.  Getting the clothes was fine.... re-locking the door was not.  I could turn the latch, but I could NOT lock that door.  Eesh!  Mr. Ssettuba, the man who often drives us into Kampala, along with someone else, was able to apply the right pressure so that the door could be locked.  And once it was locked, we hopped in the vehicle and hurried off to Kampala.  And so here I sit. Ready for this day.  It's going to be full.  Been fighting some fevers.... going to get some blood drawn.  Been fighting not having communication with the world since my phone was stolen... going to go and rectify that situation.  And thanks to many, many very generous donations, I am God-willing going to be driving home a vehicle today that the Lord has provided.  It's a surreal sorta day and I find myself speechless at HIS provision.  Provision here and Provision back in the States.  Last Wednesday I received an email from my tenant.  He informed me that he had received a new job and was moving out.  And move out he did!  He was out of the house within a matter of 3 days! The house was left with a LOT of work to do.  Contrary to my wiring, I had a crazy level of peace.  An underlying sense of peace that it would work out.  My personality is to things myself, but being thousands of miles away with minimal warning left me in a position of watching and trusting.  And it has been an amazing thing to watch.  God has been bringing friends and family together.  A small army of people are coming together to work on that house.  And again I am speechless.  Absolutely speechless.  It is amazing to see how God is not only taking care of the details, but flooding me with HIS peace.  If you live in the Chicago area and are free, people will be working on the place at different times in the next couple of weeks.  Other good news is that house prices are increasing... it is very plausible that I can sell this house in the next year or so! Holla Holla! 
And in other news, the kids have been off of school for the last several weeks.  Their days have been full of resting, work in the garden, and time to be with others! The girls came over for a movie, pizza making, for a few of them, hair-doing.  It was so fun to sit and watch Parent Trap, braid hair, and make pizza together.  These young ladies are priceless and it is a joy to know them.  Looking forward to however many years God has for us to know each other.  

Another memorable event  from this break has been an opportunity to do community teaching.  On a Friday afternoon, my friend Wesley and I hopped into a vehicle and journeyed out into the bush.  We met up with the child care extension team and a group of mostly women who had gathered together.  Initially, they were quiet and reserved.  As we spent time talking and as I pulled out my Luganda, things warmed up.  We laughed together, learned together (I learned the word for fungal infection "lummu") and spent time talking about bacterial infections, viral infections, and malaria).  They were a lovely group of ladies (and one man) and I look forward to the next opportunity to teach. 

And those are a few of the highlights of the last few weeks.  It continues to be a season of stretching and growth.... times of laughter... and times of growing.  Though it has been a FULL season, I continue to be thankful that God has brought me here.... and that for this season (and for however long), I get to call this place home.  It is a beautiful place.... full of sweet relationships, growth, and laughter.... and going on a hunt for a spotted Python snake.... ( c : By God's grace it wasn't seen again.... which was to our benefit considering all we had was a stick.  That works for smaller snakes, but for a LARGE python... it doesn't do much... from what I have heard.  

Thank you to each and everyone of you are journeying along with me.  The internet has been such a challenge and with that comes a break in communication.  My apologies for not being able to keep up as much as I would like.  When the next team leaves, I am planning on sending personal letters back.... for many of you.  Love to you all! 

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