Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Testing 1 2 3.

Hello, this is Kimberly signing in.

Calling out quietly from a computer thousands of miles away from the many whose eyes will find this screen.

Technology and I have a strong love-hate relationship.... but one thing I absolutely appreciate about it.... is that it has the potential of keeping people connected.

And for that, I am thankful.

I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone.  I have seen the dust collecting on this blog site and yet, have failed to do much more than push the dust aside.

Right now, I'm bringing the big guns out.  No wimpy dust rag... I'm bringing out the Pledge.

Well, the pledge equivalent in the writing world.

I'm Cracking my knuckles (k, not really) and bringing my fingers to the keyboard.

No slow music tonight.... It's all rap in the typing world.

There is LOTS to catch you all up.

Thank you for your grace in my quietness.

It's a delightful evening.  The temperature is still a pleasant 21 degrees Celsius (just shy of 70 F) and there is a near constant hum of insects.  There is a dash of a breeze.  Just enough to let you know the temperatures are descending.... but not enough yet to warrant a sweater.

Maybe a cuppa of tea will be nice.... but for now,  I'm staying focused.

I'm finally exhaling from a day that puts all into perspective.

And inhaling as I prepare to go forward.

And there is a whole lot of neatness going forward.

And while I could share a million different things.

Today, I want to introduce you to Chandiru.

Just a few hours ago, Chandiru finished her P7 exams.  P7 exams are a BIG deal.  
They are tests that give direction academically going forward.  
They are not tests that you just sorta study for.  
These are tests that you spend a lot of time preparing for.  
And in the preparation, you trust.... you pray... you even sometimes worry.... that

And today, she finished them.   
With barely a minute to spare.  
As soon as she was finished with these tests, she began her journey South.  
A journey towards Entebbe to a small hospital called CorSu.  

And there, tucked somewhere in that hospital.... is a surgeon who will help reconstruct Chandiru's jaw.  A surgery that will have not only a huge impact on Chandiru physically.... but undoubtably will have a massive impact on her heart.  

 And yes, I did just say that a surgeon is tucked somewhere in that hospital.  

Mmm.... Not so much.  

He is a surgeon who has come from far away.  And in His willingness/ability to come.... God is using him to do something huge for a young lady who is bursting to emerge.  Bursting to emerge from underneath the weight of a physical deformity.  

Will you stand with her?  Will you pray for her and with her?  

I just know that your prayers will make a difference.  

I know because I've seen God respond to your prayers.  

He's got His Chandiru.... and He's holding her close.  

Thank you.  

And so these cracked knuckles are winding down.  I guess there wasn't too much RAP writing going on.... but at least my fingers have loosened up a bit.  

I have more to say.... and say I will.  

I'll keep you all posted on this young lady.  She will meet with the surgeon tomorrow and all the final details will be ironed out.  

Surgery will most likely be this week. 

Kimberly.... signing out.  

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