Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A rat came to say hello.....

It's 4 minutes before 10 PM and the fan is blowing a cool steady flow of air on me.  And it is delightful.  I know.  I know.  I should NOT be talking about such things.  For so many whose eyes fall upon this page....the talk of warm weather is an unfair tease.  A taunting in the middle of crazy cold.  Well, the fan is a nice welcome after a hot day.  And that is that.

Now on to other things.

Like telling you that I cannot believe that January is nearly half way over.

Or that a good friend is coming to visit on Sunday and I'm super excited.

Or that the house that I am living in is under serious work and I am watching this house slowly become home.

That I spent the night in hospital with sweet little girl who was fighting very high fevers.... only to hear today that the same bed I slept in at the hospital was visited by a rat last night.  And when I say visited.... I am saying that the rat was in the bed.  In the bed.  In the bed.

I can't help but think if that rat came to visit me... and I just missed it.

Can't think of such things.

Just keep writing.

A rat in the bed that I slept in a few nights ago.

Out of Mind... but is it really?

SO thankful the sweet girl is doing better.

A new year is upon us.

A year to walk.  To laugh.  To be. To do things.  To rest.

And so, I embrace 2016.

Embrace what He has.

For now, it is freaking out over the thought of a rat in my bed.

But at the same time, thankful for the simple mosquito net encompassing my bed.

Today, I was placing cool rags over the body of a boy fighting fevers that were too high.

His fevers were from the very thing that my mosquito net protects me from.

Something so small has the potential to do such serious damage.

And so as I embrace 2016... I want to stay on top of the small things.

To speak when I am prompted to speak.

To laugh at the little things.

To look in the eye of the child in front of me... and to love them well.  Not sorta well.  But... WELL.

There was a rat IN the bed.

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