Monday, May 15, 2017

Savoring EVERY moment.

These days.
As we say here, Banange!  (Oh My goodness!)
I can't even fully digest these days.  They have been a mixture of a lot of emotion.
I got off the plane knowing that I wanted to savor EVERY minute.
And I've tried.
My mind and heart are still in the middle of digesting.  Absorbing.  Embracing.  Remembering.  Living in the moment as much as possible.

So much to say and yet today,  I'm letting the pictures speak for themselves.

The road home.  It's one of my favorite places here in Uganda.  This picture doesn't grasp the absolute beauty of this place.  I had my friend stop the car and I literally hopped up on the hood of the car to snap this picture.  It threw some people off as they watched the "white person" on top of the car out in the middle of the bush. I guess it isn't every day that you see someone on the side of the dirt road snapping pictures.  

One night, the missionary ladies threw me a shower.  It was a surprise and was full of kind gifts and wise words.  I knew the love and was grateful for the sweet gift of their thoughtfulness and blessing.  While I truly know that this next chapter is led by God,  It is still a path of letting go and feeling the emotions of the hardness of leaving.  Knowing the love and blessing of dear friends here makes it that much easier.

These days have been rich of spending time time with many.  It's included time with the young ladies I have mentored and walked with over the years.  Time to hear how they are doing and to process through who will walk forward with them.
Goodbyes are HARD.  Sweet Chandiru


I've eaten LOTS of matooke and g-nuts.  What a sacrificial gift from people in a season where the rains have just come.  Matooke is more expensive due to the limited supply.  My heart smiled at the kindness and my stomache appreciated.  

God's sweetness over these last few weeks have been so evident.  I am so so so thankful that He has allowed me the sweetness of coming back and being able to say "goodbye" personally to these people.  My heart is so thankful.  Yes, the tears have flowed deeply, but my thankfulness for these days have also run deep.  

My clinic Team!  They threw me a lovely meal!  

Uncle Matthew and his family.  Matthew is like a brother.  He drove me all over
Kampala on a a variety of trips.  Often, it was for clinic tasks and taking people to and
from appointments.  

Auntie Blessing wanted to wash my feet.  A blessing as I head out.
Speechless.  What a gift!  

SO many dear friends here.  Here with my British Friend who loves me just because  I'm an
American.  What a dear friend she has become to me over the years.

I wish I had pictures to share with you of all the others.  

The other day, as Kate and I were driving back to New Hope, I saw a rainstorm off in the distance.  I took a picture of it.  The contrast of the clear sky and the pouring rain.  You can literally see where it is raining.  


 And shortly after snapping that picture, I saw the fruit of the rain.   Can you see it?

These days I feel the mixture of emotions.  Sometimes, I feel like I am standing under the torrential rain and other days, I feel as if I am watching it off in the distance.  

I'm thankful for the rainbow and the promises it brings.  

I'm going to sign off.  I've got more peeps to see and more sounds and memories to absorb.  
I'm down to the wire.  Just about 48 hours left in this country.  

Want to savor EVERY moment. 

I love you all!  


  1. Africa is such a wonderful place that grips your heart forever!!

    I enjoyed your pictures and am thankful that God is making His closeness know to you!

  2. What a hard goodbye you had to say! May God bless you richly in the new adventure He's given you.

    Heather Bock