Sunday, September 19, 2021

My fingers are finding the keyboard.   And it's pretty exciting.  
It's a late summer day and I'm sitting on a cozy chair listening to the wind blow and a plane climbing higher into the sky.  Every once in a while a car zooms down the quiet road where Josiah and I are staying.  As life carries on around me, I am finding myself in a season of both pause, healing, and growing anticipation.  Tickets are purchased and it looks like we will say goodbye to America just as the sun is about to set on 2021 and hello to Uganda just before the dawn of 2022.  The excitement is growing.  Today, I chatted on a Facebook chat with a friend who is helping to organize a HUGE medical outreach scheduled for next August.  Excitement is here.  Excitement is there.  There are chit chats about investing in a vehicle that could accommodate medical supplies and provide space for needed medical outreaches with varying focuses. Pieces of the  puzzle are falling into place.  Unlike this blog which seems a bit sticky with age.  Words and pictures are fighting for their place on this page.  Mmmmm.... let's see who wins.  Either way, this blog is being sprung back into activity.  It was started back in 2012 several months before my first move to Uganda.  And life was never dull. The blog often shared of the many things God was doing, the things He was teaching, and the amazing things He was doing in people's lives.  Blog or no blog... recorded or not.... God is still moving and working and doing His thing.   Feel free to come along again on the adventures of all things Uganda!  So much to say, but for now, I wanted to crack my knuckles and dust off this page and practice hitting "Publish". 

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