Thursday, February 10, 2022

Rat toilets and Hut building...

 Ha!  I've learned a LOT of things in the last 6 weeks of my life... and today, I think I learned something new..... something that caught my attention.  I'm pretty sure RATS are cleaner rodents than we think they are... I am pretty sure that I have been driving my current car for the last 6 weeks with a rat toilet in the glove compartment.  Like Literally.  Full stop.  I haven't seen any poop anywhere in the car.  The remnants of Urine... yes, that smell greeted us the first time I opened the car door and has never fully gone away.  The smell often sneaks up on long drives or early in the morning when the rain is pressing out the sun.  And so, in preparation for trading out our current car for a more reliable car, I decided that I would clean it.  I pulled out the brush (no vacuum) and a spray bottle first of thieves (I love that smell!) and then a bottle of half vinegar/half water.... and I went to town.  To be honest, I'm not sure that thieves, vinegar, and stale rat urine are going to make for a very good car ride that is going to happen in about 10 minutes... but nonetheless, I tried.  And then I thought, I should clean out the glove compartment.  I knew I needed to grab the registration book.  And shortly after opening it, I found it AND also... The RAT toilet.  There was POOP everywhere.... EVERYWHERE! It was disgusting to say the least.  I grabbed my thieves and I sprayed like crazy... and then I grabbed my roll of paper towels that are so expensive one must save them for rainy days... and by golly, this was a rainy day moment.  My mind kept thinking of the diseases that rats carry and then it hit me... for the amount of rat poop hanging out in the glove compartment.... there were either a LOT of rats making this 1998 Toyota Rav 4 home... OR there were a few that lived there for a LONG time... Either way.... my big learn of the day is that Rats are more something than I thought.  

There you go, the deep thought of the day.   And I'm sure there should be a deep thought forming in my heart connected to the rat poop.  I'm letting it simmer inside my heart to see if any profound thoughts happen.  But in the meantime, I've since returned after dousing my car with thieves and vinegar... and well, neither of those products do miracles in rectifying a rat bathroom problem.  Just saying.  No need to try it yourself.  

But in all seriousness,  here I sit at the near end of another week. It's been just over 6 weeks since Josiah and I landed into Uganda.   Our house is becoming our home.  My feet are more than dipping into work and Josiah has finished a MUCH better week at school.   He is currently outside discussing with his friend, Manday how to construct a HUT.  He wants it not only for himself, but also in preparation for when his cousin comes to visit.  Ha, I hope his cousin reads this post... because Josiah listened to him and he has already cleared the land.... the debate has been on whether or not it should be a mud hut or bamboo.  Bamboo is not preferred by Josiah.  Mud is not by me.... Ha, there is no Oxo-clean here.  But hey, whatever joys his heart.  

I still haven't quite come up with a good connection between Rat toilets and our transition to Uganda.  So alas, I'll share some of the highlights of these last weeks in Uganda.   

Our landlady is a gem.  She often brings us traditional Ugandan food and one night came to wash our feet.  Josiah wasn't up for having his feet washed, so JaJa (term of endearment similar to grandma) washed Josiah's hands and spoke words of affirmation over him.  

Josiah is absorbing the warmth of the sun and while he seems to be a bit (k, a lot!) flustered by boiled chicken feet, he spends hours chasing monkey's, birds, and other such things... 

Rachel is a young women from my days at New Hope.  She came to Jinja for a visit and stayed for a handful of days.  We were able to catch up, pray together, and live life.  It was great having her be with us and I look forward to more visits! 
Josiah has become fast friends with Manday.  He is our security guard and he and Josiah spend hours running the yard doing all the things mentioned above.  
Hadassah Sue spent the first 3 weeks with us.  It was great having her.  She was such a help and a presence in the early days of being here.  She and Josiah got on like siblings and Hadassah and I shared sweet conversations, laughter, and all things in between. Hadassah is currently in nursing school... and who knows... may one day find her way back here.... 

I have two weekend trips organized to connect with ministries out in the "bush".    Medical outreaches will be held later this summer.  I LOVE medical outreaches.... well, to be honest, LOVE might be a bit of a tricky word.  I DEEPLY appreciate the opportunity to connect with people through medical care.  So many do not have basic, needed medical care.  The amount of work in organizing... well, that is not necessarily my most favorite part.  But it's part of the process and I am so thankful for the fruit of the work.    The following pics are from a medical outreach from years back.... 

And here are a few pics from our new home.  It's coming together and is super cozy and comfortable.  I LOVE it!  And PS..... there IS a guest room! 

I love you all.  Sorry, I have no deep connection to make between rat toilets and our current state of being. These days have been SUPER rich and there have been some hard parts to it.  Transition is hard.  It's hard to always put words to the emotions, the feelings, and under the heart processing that goes on.  The potholes are numerous as are the green plants that bring life deeply to this area.  Both figuratively and in real life!  And the people.   They are beautiful.  And so we walk.  And live.  And I'll go out and spray my car with thieves and check on Josiah who is deep in preparation of his hut... and keep walking this thing called life.  Thankful to be here.  Thankful.  Deeply. 

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