Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good Afternoon from Uganda! It's been way too long since I have last brought fingers to the keyboard.  It's been a FULL month and I am so sorry that I did such a poor job of bringing you along.  Right now, I am sitting on a balcony at a hotel in Kampala with two of my friends.  I am both resting and recovering.  I am thankful for malaria medications and the healing that God brings through them. I started feeling a little off on Sunday afternoon.   By Tuesday morning, I thought it would be wise to test.  I had been fighting a fever and was just overall feeling off.  The blood smear showed the little malaria parasites making my blood their home.  I started treatment and thankfully am feeling much better.  Not 100%, but definitely better.  Even thinking about what food I will eat tonight.... and that's huge!   And on to other things....

February may have only been 28 days... but it was packed with many different adventures, challenges, and sweetness.  A team from North Dakota came to serve and I was able to work alongside a dentist and her assistant.  Many, many people were able to receive much needed dental care.   We worked a few days in at Kasana and also traveled and ran a clinic about 5 hours away.  I was in charge of sterilizing and organizing those who came to receive care.  It was an adventure.  And I loved it! It was so neat seeing people coming to be seen in pain and uncomfortable only to see them leave a short while later with a lop-sided smile.   Their lopsided smile would soon be replaced by a full smile once the novocaine had worn off.  There was plenty of time to talk with those who came.  Often, my awesome Lugandan was met with giggles and further translations.  Lots of laughter and lots of sweetness watching people cared for.  

The view at Musana

Clarifying what the dental problem is.  

numbing the mouth

The sterilizing room.

Sterilizing equipment

Some of the ladies who were blessed by my Luganda and by dental care. 
Just chilling in the sterilizing room. 

After nearly a week of doing dental care, I got the message in the middle of the night that my friend Alair was in labor.  It was a good 5 hour drive away.  I was picked up in the morning and was able to get to Kiwoko hospital to be with Alair, Caleb, and our friend Laurie.  Alair was a champ.  She labored for nearly 30 hours.  Her labor wasn't progressing and the baby's heart was dancing in a not so great way.... and so the decision was made for a c-section.  It was such a gift and an honor to be with Alair during this time. 

Recovering for Alair and resting for me.  
Sweet baby Norah
What an honor to be part of this journey...

And while there is still so much to say... I am hitting submit and letting myself rest.  I'll write more later...but wanted to post.  

Love to you all and thankful for you all of you. Thank you for having patience with me and I am sorry for not writing sooner.  


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