Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Preparing for the Next Steps....

We have arrived! It's just shy of 9 and we just turned out the light.  A. Ketty wanted me to share the pictures she received. I have found her looking at them multiple times.  Welsey, one of the missionaries at New Hope, did a photo shoot Sunday morning before church.  The gift of these pictures is priceless.  Tomorrow, is a big day... we are heading to the hospital first thing... and hopefully 24 hours from now, we'll have the next steps.  Thankful that He is with us on each step of the journey.  Thank you for standing with A. Ketty.  More later... just wanted to get a few of her pictures up.  

May we ALL rest in HIM tonight.  May we each hold on to Him and HIS goodness for us.  

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