Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The ball is rolling.... and that is HUGE!

It's a little after ten and A.  Ketty is sound asleep  We got home shortly after seven tonight from a long day at the hospital.  Though today's long day at the hospital was quite different from recent times.  We walked away having met with the oncologist, having some pre-treatment tests, and anticipation of radiation starting... most likely tomorrow! This is huge and such an encouragement for a journey that has been met with multiple hurdles.  Our oncologist, Dr. Abwao, was warm, engaging, and straightforward.  He listened, explained, and spent time going over previous scans and examining A. Ketty.  We both walked away thankful, peaceful, and honestly, excited to start treatment.  And that could very likely be tomorrow! We will return to the hospital in the afternoon with the anticipation of seeing the doctor and having her first radiation treatment.  It is very possible, she will have her first chemo treatment on Friday.    Thanks for joining the journey.  It is an honor to be with her.... to watch God taking care of His daughter in such sweet ways.  
A selfie of ourselves early in the morning...
having just arrived at the hospital.  
A new place and one that we will surely become very comfortable with in the coming days and weeks! 

The end of a LONG day.... and what a trooper A.
Ketty was! She did great! Eager to walk through this journey with her and get her closer to going home!

More later.... thank you for journeying along... For sure, another update soon! 


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