Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gracias Katonda!

This isn't going to be a long post.  It might actually just be a few sentences.  Last week at New Hope, a team from Mexico came to serve.   And with them, they brought a huge suitcase of medical supplies and medications.  As a nurse working in a clinic.... these donations are always amazing.  It is always a blessing.  Almost always, we are blessed with more band-aids, gloves, and triple antibiotic creams.  Things that we use on a daily basis.  Things that we never really stop needing.  And almost just as often as we are blessed with things that we use consistently, we are also blessed with things that only God knew we needed.  For example, earlier this year, we were short on hemorrhoid cream.  Not something I had added to our needs list.  And tucked into one of the boxes brought by a team was a good supply of hemorrhoid cream.  I was tickled.  When I said something to the leader, he made a comment alluding to the idea that it was more of a mistake that it came than anything.  I smiled.  God knew it was needed way before it became a need.

And this week was no different.  Except that this time, God brought something specific for me.   I have a rare deficiency requiring daily medication.  It's rare enough that at the hospital I worked at in Fort Wayne, I was told by the pharmacy that filled my prescription that I was the only patient on that medication.  It's a big deal and not a big deal all wrapped up into one.  The key is taking the supplement.  And that's how it is.  I tell you about this because it is the prelude to just how amazing God is and just how into the details He truly is.

So, a team from Mexico comes to Uganda. Tucked in their suitcase of medications and supplies are an ample supply of the VERY medication that I take.  Going through the medications was an adventure in itself.  The medications were all in Spanish.... being looked at by Ugandans whose primary language was Luganda and by yours truly.  Yours truly who thinks more in Luganda now than in Spanish.  I can barely remember basic words.  What comes out is Luganda.  Some would argue that what comes out is "special" Luganda.  But either way, more Luganda than Spanish.

And so as we looked through the treasures.... I was stumped when I saw the medications that I take.  Stumped.  Silenced Really.  I had come with the tablet form of the medication I take... but God had brought the liquid form.  God had sent a medication that He knew I needed with a team from Mexico to Uganda.  How crazy.  How crazy amazing.

The details.  The care.  The reminder in a simple way of "I got you".   He's got me on something I didn't know I needed.  But He did.  And it just tickles my heart.

Matthew 6:26

Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap no gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not more valuable than they?

And yep, that blog post was a few sentences longer than a few.  ( c :  

Webale Nyo Katonda.  (Thank you very much God).  Gracias Dios (Thank you God)  Thank you very much God.  

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