Thursday, November 27, 2014


A day of Thanksgiving.  A day of embracing.  A day of remembering... and a day of looking forward. A day of sitting underneath an umbrella and journaling.  I am thankful to have started up journaling. It's been a month and it has been so good to bring fingers to a pen and to write.  There has been much to write about.... and it's a muscle that I've been yearning to grow again.  And through writing, my soul has ventured through the ravines and paths of life.  Processing and praising.... remembering and preparing...crying and laughing.  It has been good and I am thankful.   And so here I sit....about to do what so many will do today as they share a meal with family and loved ones.  I am about to share the things that I am thankful for.

Watching as Ketty moved her pointer finger this morning.  It was a clear movement and a testimony too the reality that the radiation is shrinking/reducing (and God willing killing) the tumors within her brain.  The movement in her thumb and her pointer finger were the first to go... and seeing her pointer finger move this morning was huge.  Her movements in her arm, while still weak, are improving.  The movements are increasingly fluid.... not as spastic as they were.  We do not know how the story will end.... but today I am thankful for the movement in her finger.... a testimony to the gift of HIS power... HIS ability to use medicine to do what seemed impossible.  

I am thankful for the many, many who have stood by me this year.... through words of encouragement, prayers, and financial support.  I still can't believe that I am being used by Him in a small community in Uganda. I often can't believe it... but stink, I am so thankful.... so  so thankful!  

most (but not all) of my brothers
and sisters! 
I am thankful for the many friends that I have back in the States... and here in Uganda
Allie.... friends since 7th grade! 
U. Michael and A. Sarah

 And there are so many, many pictures of family and friends I COULD post.   Just putting up a few... though I wish I could put up so many more!

 So thankful! It has been a year full of hard things... but just as equally, it has been a year full of laughter and joy.  A testimony of HIM in me.  SO THANKFUL! 
Ketty and I .... along with the giraffe's (and Pat, of course!) 
Rebecca and I..... she has since
delivered a healthy baby girl.  
Wizeye being all goofy for the picture.
After this shot, he took a less goofy one. ( c : 

Thankful for the many children that I have had the honor of loving on.... and either sending them back to school or to the sick bay for more care.  What an honor to walk with these precious take care of their not only their physical bodies, but their hearts as well!   My coworkers... we have walked through hard things this year... but God has sustained us and has not only strengthened us as a team.. but He has united us... and for them, I am thankful.  

Having the honor of knowing the kids in my family group.... for times to sit and chat leaning back against a hut.... or cooking food together in the kitchen.  Thankful to know them.... to go on snake hunts with them.... or holding them as they share their hearts.  

Momma Wizeye 
minutes before my grams memorial

And thankful for my grams and for Wizeye.... two individuals I was very close with who went home to heaven within a handful of days.  It's been over a month and I still find myself thinking of them both... wondering how heaven is treating em.... and just thankful for them.  It's been a walk through a hard patch in the journey of life..... but not a journey I would ever exchange... I've learned in my life that it is often in the really really hard where I come out knowing Him a bit more


And did I mention that I killed my first snake this year?  It was a black mamba and with sweet baby Norah behind me and a team member... and the snake slithering away.... there was no time to let a man be a hero.  Picking up a bat.... I started beating the poor thing.... and beating it... and beating it.... until it was dead.... very, very dead! Thankful everyone was safe and that no one got hurt.  Black Mambas are very dangerous.  

 And I am thankful for my British friends and the flags that I obtained... and have had fun utilizing them this year.  ( c :  Oh..... so fun! I have learned to enjoy tea.... and have been blessed by my friends who are proudly citizens of England! ( c :

And opportunities to teach within the community..... where we talked about viruses and bacteria, malaria and fevers, and other topics.  They were a little timid in the beginning... but after pulling out some Luganda and engaging them... they loosened up pretty quickly.... I was thankful for their openness to learning and for the opportunity to share.  

 And the dryness of the day... makes one very thankful for water...   (that's water down in a cistern.  My friend Hannah and I are looking down taking a picture off the reflection of the water)

And by His provision through many of you, I was able to get a car this year.  It has already proven to be such a gift! It has gone on multiple trips to and from the hospital, on a journey through the bush, and has just been a blessing! I am thankful!

And I could continue on with other things I am I know many of us could.  With one step in 2014 and one step preparing to step into 2015... I stand in a moment of reflection.  A year that has been stretching and rich.  I am thankful! And I am thankful for you all who have journeyed along with me.  I choose to dwell in the hope that we have in HIM and to rest in HIS promise.  He's got it all.... and He's got me!

 "I saw the Lord always before me, for He is at my right hand that I may not be shaken; therefore my heart was glad, and my tongue rejoiced; my flesh also will dwell in hope." 
Acts 2:25b-26

 Happy Thanksgiving Day to you All (truth be told this is a dead rooster.... but it still seemed appropriate for the day!)

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