Thursday, March 26, 2015


"Margin is a powerful concept.  It creates opportunities.  For businesses, margin is one of your top priorities.  Margin in business creates profits.  Margin in family creates memories.  Margin in our personal finances creates generosity.  Margin in our friendships creates significance and impact.  Margin in our lives overall creates options.  Options to pursue dreams, think, pray, relax, meditate, process, grow and ultimately live life more fully."

I read these words a few days back and paused.
It grabbed my attention.
It made the vertical drop from head to heart faster than my own swallowing.
It permeated deep within.

They aren't my words.
To give credit where credit is due, they come from Brad Lomenick.
But they are words I want to hold on to.
Words I want to model.

I've been quiet these last weeks.
Quiet on the blog, but not quiet in thought.

Lots of walking.
Though I have to say I have done a LOT less physical walking here than back in Uganda.  (c:
But the walking I am talking about has little to do with the physical.  It's been at a heart level.

My heart has slowed down.
I didn't know it.  But in the slowing from a run to a walk, I've seen the margin.  I've experienced the margin.   And I love it.  I am so thankful for it.  And I don't want to lose it.

I want the margin.
I need the margin.

And so I press into my Jesus and I ask Him to show me how to embrace the margin and to walk into the things that He has for me.

I press in.  And I keep walking.

So thankful.

Of course there is so much to write about.
This time has been so good.
Sweet times with so many.
But today, it's about margins.
And walking.

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