Thursday, July 2, 2015

The world's shortest blog post.  
Despite the longest gap since writing a blog post.  
My deepest apologies. 
I covet your prayers for Ketty.  
I covet your prayers for Ketty's family. 
I covet your prayers as I walk with Ketty and her family.
Ketty has become progressively weaker over the last week.  
Many are walking with her and her family.  
May we all cling to our Jesus more and more.  
He's got this.  
He is good. 
So much more to say.... but my words today are few.  
A dear sister.  
A dear friend.  
Walking through the Shadow of Death. 
And as she walks, I ask that she will know that
her Jesus IS with her.  
That HIS rod and HIS staff comfort.  
May her children know HIS comfort.  
May her husband know HIS comfort.  
May we all keep our eyes on Jesus.  
And trust Him as He leads the coming days. 

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