Sunday, August 23, 2015

7 dry nails.... and a mostly non random blog post.

And so I start my non-random Blog Post.  I am still at Starbuck's.  My drink is now just down to ice chips.  I sip on the straw in a futile attempt to get a last taste of the Mango Black Tea Lemonade I had.  Each sip proves less victory.  But just as naturally as my fingers find the keyboard, my left hand reaches for the cup.  And there I am... talking about that left hand....again.

K, back to the non-random post.  (  :

First of all, I want to say thank you to the many, many of you who stood with me in prayer.

As many of you know earlier this year, I went into see a doctor for a routine check on a deficiency that I was told I had and left that same appointment with totally unexpected news.  It was news that required answers.  Partly because it was unexpected and partly because I live far over a big ocean and down a dirt, bumpy road.   It was important to know what is really going on.  And to know how to navigate what I had been told.

And so that is how I ended up on this side of the ocean.... now.
An appointment in Minnesota at Mayo.
Yearning for answers.  Needing them.
The timing was a struggle for me.  No lie in that.
My dear friend was/is walking in the full throws of an aggressive brain tumor.
I shared about that in an earlier post.

But God.
In His Sweetness,  filled me with HIS peace.

Mayo is a fancy place.
A world in and of itself.

There, doctors were familiar with the deficiency that I had been told that I had.
I don't think they had to do a lot of google hunting behind closed doors.

And after chatting with doctors , blood work, and testing I was given a blessing to return to the work I love.  I have to send off two more samples to the lab at Mayo and then the diagnosis that I was given nearly 3 years ago should be completely eliminated from a current medical problem in my medical file.   The doctors are very confident even without this test that I do not have what I was told three years ago I had.

Thankful. Really thankful.

Thank you for standing with me on this journey.

You all are a gift.  You really, really are.

I am slated to head over the big ocean in just under two weeks.

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