Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Three Dry Nails...

I'm at Starbuck's as I type.
My nephew is a few feet away from me downing a chocolate croissant and a hot chocolate.  
Both are being consumed at an impressive pace, but not as quite impressive as how far along he is in the book that he checked out at the library today.  
He is an avid reader.  

I am an avid want to be reader.  
I would like to think that I read a lot... but reading to me is picking up something and reading a few pages.  I absorb that and can easily be distracted by the buzz of a text... or the call from a friend... or... well, you get the idea.  

Yesterday, I was painting my fingernails and decided that as they dried, I would make a list of the things that I needed at the store.  I had painted my right fingers last and I quickly realized that wasn't the best idea.  It could have been accomplished, but the last three fingers on my right hand would have paid the price.  And so, I picked up the pen in my left hand.... and started to write.  

And weirdly, I wrote... with my left hand.  I am not a leftie nor am I someone who has ambidexterity. It wasn't the smoothest of writing, but it wasn't terrible either.  It was legible.  And not to toot my own horn, but it was more than legible.   It looked ok.  

I was stumped.  

And so with three fingers still drying and a pen in my left hand, I did what comes naturally to me.  

I moved on to the next activity.  

I started figuring out why my left hand could write relatively without any problems.    And then, it seemed to dawn on me.  In Uganda, I drive on the other side of the road.   Initially, I had to constantly be thinking of what was going on.  Not only did I have to be aware of men on motorcycles zooming around vehicles, but I had to flip things in my brain.   What I had known for most of my adult driving days was very different to what I was experiencing with driving in Uganda.  Yes, a red light is still a signal to stop.  But instead of turning right to the nearest lane, I had to train my brain to turn right across traffic.  Turning left meant turning left to the nearest lane.  It took a while to make that switch.  

And now, (though some could easily attest to the exceptions) the switch comes mostly natural.   

Maybe that flipping around in my brain with driving has helped me start writing better with my left hand.  

I don't know.  

Not sure if it will ever be important to know.  

But my thinking made for 3 dry nails on my right hand, a list written with my left hand for shopping, and a super RANDOM blog post.  

Speaking of random, I think that I will schedule this to post in a few days.  

I am pretty sure that instead of writing random, I should be writing about not random things.  

Like good news.  Being at Mayo.  Hunger.  And a ticket to head over the BIG ocean in the beginning of September.   

Never mind scheduling this for a few days.   I"ll post this and start on a non random blog.  

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