Monday, April 4, 2016

Cycling, laughing, and trusting.

Last night I woke up in the wee hours of the night and stumbled to the bathroom.   And as I flipped on the light, I saw a bit of movement.  And before really much more than that could register in my half awake mind, I saw more movement.  The cutest, littlest mouse emerged from behind the door.  And then it looked up and it saw me.  And I got a full glimpse of it.  And though I was barely awake... all I could think of was it was actually cute.  And while, one might say that I should have grabbed a stick and taken care of it, I didn't.  I could nearly palpate it's fear.  And so, I let it run.  It ran right past me and into the main room.  I didn't even peek out to see where it ran too.  I just kept on with what I had gotten out of bed to do.   And before I knew it, I was back in bed and deep asleep.

Yep, I haven't written on my blog for well over a month and this is what I write about?!?!

Yes, it's my opening story.  It's a few minutes after ten and you guessed it, the bugs are greeting the night.  Truth be told, they have been greeting the night for nearly 3 1/2 hours.  I've been putzing around my house.  Working on dishes, organizing laundry, doing some odd and end work stuff, soaking my feet.... all that kind of stuff.

And as I moved from thing to thing, my eyes found a piece of paper.  A paper that had been given to me back in October.  It's a grief cycle paper.   I looked at it for a bit and some of those emotions really caught my eye.  

One could say I should have known.... but many of those words were emotions I have been feeling.

And feeling rather strongly.

I have felt the burn of anger.  And struggled to know why.

I've felt the pangs of loneliness even when sitting in a large room.

In fact, as I look over the paper, I see that so many of those emotions have been so real to me in these last days.

These days are... well, what they are.

I have made it a few days without the tears burning my eyes.

And then I have found myself fighting back the burn.

My sister.

No, this will be a journey for days and weeks to come.  I have been pulled back and forth in the process... but I am hopeful that as I walk.... that Hope will only blossom.

That peace will come in the breaking of the dawn.

And part of the sweetness of where God has me... is that there are opportunities ALL around me to pull my attention.  Yes, this can be a not good thing... but at the very same time, I think it can be a very good thing.

It can be an eye turner.  A heart changer.  And a reminder of the so much good out there.

And speaking of good.  Let me tell you about two peeps having HUGE surgeries this week.

Chandiru had pretty significant jaw surgery back in the fall.  She had complications from tetanus that she contracted as a small baby.  The surgery was only partially successful.  But for Chandiru, it was a LOT successful.  She was so excited that she could put a spoon in her mouth and that she could breathe easier at night.  The part that wasn't so successful will hopefully be addressed this week by a second surgery.  She has been admitted to the hospital and will either have surgery tomorrow or Wednesday.

Little Ayeko was identified back in September during a medical outreach.  An amazing ministry, Willing and Abel has sponsored his medical care.  God is using this ministry to change the lives of so many children... and little Ayeko is one of them.  This little guy looks really healthy and in many ways he is.... but he was born with a significant medical condition.  The passageway that allows stool to exit the body was not open.  A colostomy was placed and complications developed.  Part of his intestines are outside of his body.  Surgery number one happens on Thursday.  Before this little guy knows it, he will be a new little guy.  Free from the hassles that come when your insides are outside.  It is such an honor to walk with this family.  Little Ayeko has been teary and afraid in our previous interactions.  This past Thursday, he was beaming with joy and laughter. 

Will you stand with these two in prayer?  With their families?  

I know I have a good group of friends and family standing with me.  And something tells me you all won't mind standing with these two..  

Love to you all!  


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