Monday, April 18, 2016

Good Afternoon!  The sun finally peaked out from behind the clouds a bit ago and I am celebrating that.  Rainy season started a few weeks back and let me tell you.... the rains have not held back.  My water tank is bursting with water and the ground is having near constant arguments on whether or not it will swallow the rain that comes.   Puddles are everywhere.  And the green that defines so much of Uganda is just that much more green.  It's my day off and I have been busy doing a myriad of things.

I've been slashing (cutting the grass with one of these...)

I've run into town to pick up these....                                                             

I've spent some time writing.... (aka typing)

no sneak peeks to this writing..... ( : 

And I spent some time sipping on tea chatting with a friend.  

 And I've spent some time journaling with my Jesus... 

And doing dishes... and mopping the floor.... and somehow resting here and there....

And guess what I did yesterday?!?!?!?!  I totally drove into Kampala with a few of my friends and sat in a chair for just about 3 hours.... and came out with this......

I've never had my whole head braided...but so far I am LOVING it!!!!!   There are even extensions tucked into all those braids.  This is the kind of drama I love! Controlled Drama.

And so with a day off coming to an end...I prepare for the week ahead of me.

There is lots to do this coming week.

Remember this cutie?!?!?

Opeson Luke is going back to CorSu for a review.  I am hoping to see him on Thursday.   I might be catching a picture of a little boy RUNNING with two straight legs.  Now, that is EXCITING!

Ayeko should be going back for a review following his first surgery.

Here he is minutes before he was taken down to the theatre.

He was in surgery for about 2 1/2 hours....

The staff at the hospital were amazing.  His dad was with him in the theatre until he fell asleep. Then, just as Ayeko was waking up, they allowed his dad to go into  the recovery area.  

What a gift.  Ayeko is a timid little one and the presence of his dad is both calming and reassuring.  And what a gift for his dad.

Here he is a bit after surgery.

And Chandiru SHOULD be discharged from the hospital.  Prayerfully, this last surgery was successful and this young lady will be abel to open her mouth wider than she ever has been able to.  Something so simple and yet something So huge. Please Jesus.  

And so the week takes off.   

Patients to see.  
Kids to hug.  
Meetings to have.  
A review to write... along with a few letters.  
A journal to finish and God-willing a new one to start. 
Days to embrace and moments to remember. 

 Yep, this is the life I have been given.  And these are the moments I will embrace. 

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