Saturday, November 5, 2016

About to fly....

Good Morning.  
It is quite early. 
My hair is straightened and my suitcase is NEARLY packed.  
My list of things to do includes just a few more things.  
The sun has somehow greeted the day.  
And it just over an hour, I will leave Kasana and head to Entebbe.  
And later this afternoon, we will board plane one of two that will take us to India.  
This little chap will be, God willing, having surgery this coming week.   He is 8 months old and has a serious heart condition.  An organization has sponsored him and his surgery!  
This is huge.  And it is amazing. 

My friend Kate, another staff member here at New Hope, took in Reuban earlier this year.  
I was asked by New Hope to go to be Reuban's medical advocate. 
He is a fragile, little lad with a determined spirit.  
Will you pray for little Reuban?  That he does well on the flights?  That the surgeons would have steady hands and clear minds as they work on him? 
For wisdom?  
For his foster momma and his foster sister as we all travel?

Thank you. 
Thank you so much.  My passport is down to 3 pages.  It is only about 4 years old.  
You all have been such key parts to so many of those journeys.  
Journeys here, multiple trips to Kenya, and today, a trip to India.  
Yesterday, I put up my Christmas Tree.  And I pulled out the Christmas Spruce tree scent sticks 
And so my house smells like spruce and last night the lights on the tree sparkled sweetly.  
I rest in the hope of HIM in these coming days.  
He knows what He has planned for little Reuban.  
Than you for standing with me.  

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