Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deepening roots....

It's Tuesday night and I just wanted to hop on to say hello to you all.  It's about 8:55 PM and my day is nearly over.  For most of you who read this, your day is somehow halfway over. It's been a full day and a day full of odds and ends.  Work, meetings, messages, and family group time.  Rubbing the head of a young child sick with malaria and speaking truth to another.  Getting the hang of spotting those little malaria parasites and realizing all the same, there is always more to learn.  Realizing that I am finding complete satisfaction in a fruit smoothie in the same way that I used to find in a whopper sandwich from Burger King.  Oh the time is whizzing by and my roots in this place are growing.   My days are full.  Right now, it feels a little extra busy.  Time in the clinic, meetings, and phone calls. Hanging with children and cleaning wounds.  Yes, this is the life.  This is the life that God has led me to and it is a life that I am so thankful for. I suspect with an increasing awareness that I will be here for a period longer than two years.  And while I would love to say how long I feel I will be here, the truth is, I have no idea. I will keep clinging to the hand, to the pinky, of the One who has led me here.  To the One who is currently right here with me.  To the One who will be with me very step of my life.  And while most of the steps that I have taken over the last 8 months have been pretty easy, there have been steps that have been challenging.  It's challenging to learn the language. Most days, I feel that it's something I will never achieve.  Many of you have heard my not so "on key" voice.  Most of you have heard me say an expression wrong.  Yep,  you would most definitely find yourself chuckling listening to me speak a language that is tonal and quite different in language structure than English.  Humorous at many levels; frustrating when you desperately want to communicate clearly.  I've put my foot in my mouth. I have felt the weight of long days and facing medical situations that are COMPLETELY out of my league.  And the list of "I have" could continue... but even as I type them out and acknowledge them to you and to myself, I smile.  The language has come. I can speak more than I could last week.  I have definitely put my foot in my mouth.... but, by His grace, He has allowed the foot in the mouth to be made known thus allowing healing to happen.  Some days, there is that awkward pause of "what's next" or "I am so not sure of how to proceed" and in those moments of uncertainty... sometimes coupled with tears and/or  a variety of emotions, I am reminded that I am not alone and that I am being led.  Sometimes, it's a sweet email, a warm greeting on the way back home, or sitting down with a friend and sharing at a heart level.  And other times, it's having a pep talk with myself... a reminder to walk in faith.  He, who has led me here, is with me leading and guiding me.  He sometimes whispers loud enough for me to hear, sometimes it's about standing in faith, and at other times, He brings others to encourage me along the path.  Whichever way, He remains faithful.  And so I rest in that.... and in the process I get to enjoy the many blessings of life here.
This little man is not so sure... but the wounds got to be cleaned! 

My little buddies Brian and Sharon after a little volleyball with Lindley ( c : 

U. Eric and little Shakira.  

My little pal.  Shakira has gained 1 kg since she was started on plumpy nut.
She is going to Mulago this week and we are hoping to schedule her heart surgery!  She will make 4 years old... and is currently wearing size 3-6 month old clothing!  Don't let her small size fool you... she is FULL of spunk!

Thank you to each one of you who are journeying with me.  I am so thankful for each of you and am looking forward to seeing many of you in December/January.  I'll be back in the states for about 5 weeks before returning back to Uganda mid-January.   

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