Sunday, September 29, 2013

Finally.... an update!

This evening looked very different than I thought it would.  Though, I learned pretty early on in my time here that my days often looked very different than I envisioned.  Tonight was going to include a massive party with my computer.... catching up on emails, Facebook messages, and working on a blog. Instead, I was called to check on a little 4 month girl sick with diarrhea and vomiting.  Shortly after getting home, I got another call.  This one involved a young man who had been injured and required medical assistance.  And he did.  The medical assistance involved putting stitches in his head.  It was a first for me and though I remained calm during the process.... I was not so calm once I got home.  Wow, wow, and WOW!    His bleeding stopped and in about 5 days, he will have the three stitches removed.  And so, here I am with a little extra kick of adrenaline running through my system determined to fill you all in with the happenings of my life since I last brought fingers to keyboard and posted a blogpost.  Basically, when it comes down to it, a lot of everyday life has happened.  Multiple times, I sat down and started a blog post... the problem was that I didn't get much further than starting.  I am so sorry.  It is absolutely my every intent to keep life happening here up to date for all of you, my friends, journeying along with me.  And so, in light of all the happenings of the last six weeks, I think I will just start writing.  Writing knowing that by the end of Sunday, unless an earthquake or other similar crazy situation arises, another blog post will be added.  I best keep typing.

And typing I will continue.  It's now Sunday afternoon and this has, by far, been one of the busiest weekends on call.  I am being stretched in HUGE ways.  And in the process of being stretched, I am tired.  But I am good.

Stretched and tired, but doing well.

One of the exciting highlights over the last couple of months has been the increasing closer relationships with my family group.  During the break between second and third term, a few of the other family associates and myself took the girls for a day in the city.  Once we arrived, we started our day grabbing a quick bite before we headed off to get our nails done.... It was so great getting pampered and the girls enjoyed it just as much!

Lindah and Harriet waiting for their breakfast. 

Miss. Harriet enjoying her hand massage.  

A group shot before heading home.  These girls have become so dear to me this last year.  So thankful to know them more and more! Phionah, the young lady to your far left, and I just began meeting.  A few weeks back, she asked me if I would be her mentor.  She is a quiet girl, with a big heart and I am so excited to know her more and more.  

And great news concerning the little girls needing heart surgery. Things are moving along.  Little Betty should be having surgery in October.  I saw her just a few weeks back at Mulago hospital.  The hospital had called last minute and asked us to come in.  She saw the doctor and had another echo.  She was excited to see me and I quickly put her to some coloring.  Her mom and I attempted to communicate.  I have been learning Luganda and her mom speaks another dialect.  It was quite an adventure... but we got by.  And will God-willing see each other in less than a month!  I'll keep you posted on little Betty and the two other little girls facing surgery 
The Heart Institute at Mulago hospital.  
Little Betty a little unsure of everything.

At just in the last week, two of my friends came to visit.  It was such a gift.... to be with friends who know me well and who wanted to see my life over here.  Matt came from Fort Wayne, Indiana and Cherie who has been living in the U.A.E., the last 18 months, came down to visit.  We had such a great time of just chilling, laughing, being, and praying.  Last minute, we decided to go on safari.  We went to Murchison's Fall reserve and we just enjoyed HIS amazing creation.  

What an absolutely DEAR friend.... I am so thankful we will be friends FOREVER
Now everyone sing with me.... "and friends are friends forever.... if the Lord's the Lord of them... "  Oh you got to love Michael W. Smith.... and sweet memories!  ( c : 

Lunch with Matthew and Cherie.  It was a GREAT time! 

And I bring this post to an end.  Knowing that there is always more to say..... and yet for now, I just post.  Thank you for journeying along with me.  Thank you for caring for me, loving me, and encouraging me.  It is such a gift.   And Thank you to Jesus for not only allowing me the honor of being here... but for journeying right along beside me EVERY step of the way.  In the really good times, the hard times, the VERY tired times, and everything in between.  Would NOT be who I am today if it were not for HIS pursuance and EVER present presence in my life.

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