Saturday, October 12, 2013

An annoying little Tick

It's stinking early on Sunday morning and I am wide awake.  This past week, I was hit with Tick Fever.        Woke up early last week and quickly realized that a tiny black tick had decided to latch on.  I removed it and killed it.  And I thought very little more about it. Thursday, I was exhausted and by that night I was not feeling very well at all.  A malaria test came out negative and by the next early afternoon, I felt better.  I dismissed it as the flu.  On Monday, the fevers came.  I had been fighting a cough for about 5 weeks and decided at that point that maybe I should start some antibiotics and so I did.  Instead of feeling better, I felt worse.  Headed into Kampala on Thursday where they ran some blood work and put the pieces of the puzzle together.  And late this morning, I felt better.  It was like a light switch.  So thankful! As a result of ALL the sleeping I did this week... I find myself wide awake at 1:31 in the morning.  ( c :  And so I thought I would bless you all with my presence.  

Earlier this year, I was involved with an institute training class.  An opportunity to come together with others from both the US and from around East Africa.  We learned together, cried together and had fun together.  And tonight, we came together to just be.  It was a gift to connect, laugh, and share.  Half of us were there... the other half were held close to our hearts.  We ate some amazing food.  It was pretty much my first real meal in four days and It was DELIGHTFUL! 

Auntie Robinah cooking away! 

Ready for a taste.... 

Auntie Sarah hard at work! 

The men waiting..... ever so patiently

Baby Frank does NOT prefer G-nut.... He has no idea what he is missing! 
Eating, drinking, and posing! 

just chilling.... 


Baby Frank and His momma Rebekah

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Auntie Sarah and her boys! 

U. Michael, Auntie Sarah and their whole family

I believe this picture was taken over by some people yelling "HOllA HOLLA"

Love to you all! Sorry this is so short... I best be getting to sleep.  Just wanted to share a quick glimpse into my "today" So thankful that our God is a God who HEALS... 
Holla Holla to you all!!!!!! 

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