Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A smiling young lady with a FIXED heart!!!!!

Well, the first of the girls needing heart surgery is out of surgery and doing well! Monday evening, I received a message that Adong Betty was supposed to be at the hospital.... then... for surgery Tuesday morning.  The problem with receiving the message at that time was that I was sitting at the dinner table at New Hope and Adong Betty was still at her home in Kobwin... a 10 hour journey by bus AWAY from Mulago Hospital.  The hospital had called Adong Betty's uncle and attempts to contact me had failed because my phone while on and seemingly connected to the network was not accepting phone calls.... BUT it all worked out.  Adong Betty, her mom, brother, and uncle made it to the bus in record time.  I did a lot of last minute things and headed out from New Hope to Mulago hospital early the following morning.  We arrived and the staff at Mulago hospital were and have been amazing.  As we were settling her in completing necessary paperwork, starting her IV, and getting her settled into her bed... I stepped away briefly....  and in the process, I saw this sign....                                                  
And what caught my eye was the line that said "Riley Children's Hospital".  And I paused... because this hospital is from my state...... a hospital where I had helped in the transfer, on several occasions, of children needing more specialized care.  What a small world!  And though it's not the hospital I worked at back in Indiana... it does feel a little bit of home meeting my new home here.  The coming together of two worlds.  And Riley is a GOOD hospital... and their staff along with medical professionals at Mulago.... worked on little Adong!  It's neat! 

And so much of yesterday was waiting around.  Betty was scheduled for surgery at 3 PM.  It was a long wait for her...and though there were times where she was anxious..... she was also restful and responsive to the care and love from her momma and your truly.  At 3:30, the doctor came in with bad news and good news.... good news being that she could eat and bad news that surgery would be postponed till the morning.  Adong was relieved and I was totally content with the news.  There is a gift in having a surgeon (or surgeons) who have a fresh mind after a nights sleep over one who has been doing surgery all day.   And as I left yesterday afternoon, Adong was drinking and eating.... and smiling.  

This morning, surgery started just a few minutes before 8.  After about 2 hours, we were told that everything had gone well and that she was in the ICU.  Momma Adong went back first and was able to see her daughter and just be with her.  A while later, her momma sent me back.  And what I found was a sleeping girl with GREAT vitals.  
Sleeping off the anesthesia

BP good, oxygen good.. and pulse rate good.  A few irregular beats...but nothing alarming

And as she rested.... I celebrated HIS faithfulness to HIS little girl  He is the God who Heals.

And then little Adong started waking up.  And as she did... the smiles came.  We played with my camera, we played with the little stuffed beanie baby the staff had given her.... and it was good.... very, very good.  

  And then her momma served her some tea.  Laying flat (necessary for a period of time after a cath procedure) can make drinking tea a little challenging.  Her momma patiently fed her baby girl...some tea.   Momma Betty knows that so many have been praying and that people have given generously.  Her face glows.  Her baby girl has been given a huge gift and in the process, their spiritual hearts have been touched in AMAZING ways! 

Thank you for giving so generously.  Thank you for praying so faithfully for this one young girl. Her life will never be the same. 

Thank you.  And Thank You Jesus for providing for your baby girl.  Thank you for being in and ahead of ALL The details.  

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